Sunday, September 12, 2010

Leman Russ Primarch Model

ok, Dave Taylor is awesome as usual. I commissioned him to build and paint a Leman Russ primarch model for my Space Wolves army. While my conversion skills aren't bad, we all know Dave is the man. Here are a few pics of the model. He's one and a half times as tall as a normal power armored marine! That's a 40mm base he's on!

He gave me all the features I wanted including the tankard on his belt (fits in with the fluff) and he's based the way I'm doing my army (on stone over lava.) So am VERY please with how he came out!

I'm back to working on my Space Wolves army and should have more pics and updates coming soon! Have a game coming up vs my friend, Bill's Blood Angels. Should be fun. Will post pics after the battle. Bill and I are also talkin bout an apoc game (his orks vs my wolves) in the near future... Russ will return from the warp along with some pre-heresy bodyguard and Freki and Geri! It's sure to be cool!


  1. That Leman Russ is totally badass and about 4 times taller than the Rogue Trader model that I have. :)
    I would be scared to see him leading the Wolves after reading A Thousand Sons. He's a maniac.
    Great model! What kind of rules are you going to use for him?

  2. A buddy of mine came up with rules for all the primarchs so will use his. The great thing about apoc games... can use what you want hehee.

    most stats are fives or sixes along with a ld10 and 2+/4+ inv /5+ vs psychic saves

    Independent Character: A Primarch follow all the normal rules for and Independent Character as per the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

    Fearless: There is precious little in this or any other universe that could scare a Primarch, they are Fearless as per the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

    Divine Inspiration: Friendly units with a model within 12” of a Primarch may reroll failed Morale and Pinning tests. Furthermore, the side containing a Primarch always counts as scoring 1 more wound in regards to Combat Resolution.

    Ultra Human: Being genetically engineered super humans, Primarch are immune to all forms of Instant Death (including Removed From Play special rules). They will also automatically pass any Characteristic tests they are required to make.

    Then on top of that he gets some special rules similar to Ragnar.

    should be cool. Am doing a pre-hersy bodyguard and will be doin a couple wolves to represent freki & Geri. Now with the FW models that came out i may even do a pre-heresy army list besides my 4k pts of wolves.

  3. How did you get in touch with him to commission this and how much did it cost?


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