Friday, October 30, 2009

WOW... Talk About Amazing Paint Jobs

Yesterday GW's blog had some AWESOME pics from a golden daemon silver winner that painted a Space Wolf scout in large scale and also a Wolf Lord. The models both looked amazing! Definitely worth checkin out!

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Week Of Korfeon Campaign

OK, so Bill and his Orks still need 1 more tile to win the campaign! So let's see who will be the challenger this week to try to take away one of his tiles! All games are back to normal points values for this week. i.e. 1k - 2k games

The curent campaign map is below:

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mine Are On Their Way!

As some others have done, I had some custom dice made to go with my Space Wolf Army! The price wasn't bad and it will be kewl to have dice to go with my army! As others have also stated, I can't say where but if you're a serious gamer you'll know where to order yours! I decided to go with the yellow dice with black as this matches my shoulder pads with Ragnar's icon. The Wolf symbol is the 6 on the dice. Hopefully I'll be seeing lots of wolves when rolling hehee.

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Warboss Fozdik Almost In Total Control

That's right, Warboss Fozdik managed to defeat the Valhallans yesterday and conquer their spaceport. Fozdik and his boyz brought the waagh in a mighty 3k Apocalypse game yesterday and conquered yet another territory. The Valhallan regiment just couldn't take down the mighty stompas the greenskins brought to battle. This means that Bill only needs one more tile to win the campaign! Who will be next to take on the Mighty Fozdik and his boyz?

Rumor has it that Tony and his Eldar warhost may be the next to challenge Bill and his boyz. Or maybe it will be Lord Hutchinson and his Cadian battle group? Who knows? All games are 3K and up and have the possibility to be apoc games with no more than 3 datafaxes/formations for the rest of this week.

The official Imperial Communique that is dispatched every Sunday will have more results as well as any other new rules for the upcoming week.

The curent campaign map is below:

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yummy Niddy Goodness

That's right here's a preview of one of the new nid creatures coming in the new codex in January! I can't wait! Maybe I'll be taking my hive fleet up to 13k? Who knows? Can't wait to see what other goodies are in the new codex!

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Making My Own Ragnar Blackmane

So as most of you know I started working on Space Wolves. They were my first army when I got into the hobby in 95. So now I decided to do a new army of them. My biggest gripe... the Ragnar Blackmane model. If you look at the pic to the left it's the same static model that was released in 95! That was fine for second edition 40K, but not for 5th edition fifteen years later. If you read his fluff he's not a stand and give orders kind of character AT ALL! So I decided to make my own.

After looking at a few different models I decided to use the Lukas The Trickster model. He's in a great pose, running in for the charge. Of course I won't be keeping the model stock. First was to cut off his head and replace it with a more suitable head. One of the heads from the new Wolf Pack box was perfect! Had a topknot and was modeled shouting. When I cut off Lukas' head I had to cut most of the collar with it so will have to use some green stuff and mold a new one. I pinned the head onto Lukas' body.

Next was to clip off a few details from Lukas' armor. The tail on his left and the horn on his right were both clipped off. Will have to go back and green stuff the belt back in as some of it was cut off when clipping the tail.

Next up was a bolt pistol from the Wolf Pack box and then on to making his frostblade. In order to do this right (and a little easier), I changed the sword and pistol around. So he's holding the sword in his left hand and pistol in his right. We'll just say he's ambidextrous lol. So anyway, for the frostblade i used the power sword from the new wolf pack box and 2 chainswords also from the new box. I clipped the blade off of the power sword and clipped the blades from 2 chainswords. First, using plastic glue, I lined the 2 chainswords up and glued them together. Once the glue had set I glued the long chainsword blade to the hilt of the power sword. Next I pinned and glued the arms to the model in a cool dynamic pose.

Also the official Ragnar model has a wolf head that sticks out from his left shoulder pad instead of a transfer or molded shoulder pad that comes in the Wolf Pack box or the metal molded shoulder pad you can order. So I was trying to figure out what I was gonna do for the wolf head. So it hit me while lookin through the new wolf bits. The thunder hammer has a wolf head on the back of the head. This was perfect size! So I cut one off and filed it a little to get the curve to match the shoulder pad. I pinned it on and now just have to add a lil green stuff to fill in the small gap where it meets the shoulder pad. You can see it on the table in the pic to the left. Once I get this green stuffing done, I'll add Lukas' backpack/cloak to the model and then he'll be ready to prime and paint. The pic to the left there is what I have done so far. Like I said just a little bit of green stuffing to do then glue on the shoulder pads, the cloak, and prime and paint him up. Once that's done I'll glue him to a base done up like the rest of the army(lava and rock.) Once I get him done I'll post pics.

Til next time,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

++Imperial Communique Week 5++


++++Transmitted: Conclave of Har
+++++++Received: Astropath Nimzikki
Telepathic Duct: Terminus Kaleb
++++++++++++Ref: OrdoXenos/454228290/Hv
+++++++++Author: Autosavant Tremonte

By the Authority of the Imortal Emperor of Mankind, this mission briefing (and any transcript thereof), are classified information.

Priority Grade: Omega-Absolutum

Re: Korfeon

Twas the week of the Ork. SG-1 probes report a rise in Ork victories this past week. The cursed greenskins have taken more territories and are close to final victory. Warboss Fozdik took on the powers of Nurgle this week and defeated them on a massive scale; seizing control of all three territories the forces of the Great Unclean One held. On another front, one of our own, the Astartes Flesh Tearers, were defeated by Warboss Strom. Strom's boyz claimed the last unowned territory giving them three.

All forces of the Imperium must join forces to eliminate the Greenskins, as well as all other chaos and xenos factions! So your orders for this week are to muster all you can (reinforcements are en route), and wage all out war! Warboss Fozdik controls eight territories and is on the brink of conquering the planet! All Imperial resources are at your disposal. This planet MUST be claimed for the Imperium!!

The Emperor’s Will guides you.

++++++++++End Transmission

So this coming week is all out war! All games have the possibility to be Apocalypse games... No point limit. Up to you. But all games must be at least 3k point games! You can bring up to 3 datafaxes/formations.

Bill only needs 2 more tiles and Matt only needs 3 as you can see on the map above!

Good Luck!!!

Til next time,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Warboss Fozdik On The Rampage

OrksWarboss Fozdik (Bill) has been on the rampage on the planet of Korfeon as of late. Earlier this week his boyz clashed with the forces of Khorne making for a mighty battle. In the end the warboss called upon the mighty power of the waagh and decimated the followers of the Blood God; conquering their command bastion.

Then in the vast wastelands he ran into the Cadians . They have finally received their new Astropath and have renewed their vow to the Emperor to take the planet for the mighty Imperium. The two forces met up and the battle raged on. Lord Hutchinson would not let the greenskins claim the territory. He sent out his 3rd armored division and confronted the green skinned enemy head on.

After some casualties on both sides the forces of the Imperium prevailed and drove the Ork warband out of the territory and took control of the last remaining unowned power station on the planet. Lord Hutchinson and his Cadian regiment now control three territories in the name of the Emperor.

I'm sure this is not the last we or Lord Hutchinson will see of Warboss Fozdik! The newest version of the campaign map is below.

Til next time,

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Special Characters In 40K

Space Wolves Ulik The SlayerSo Tony and I were discussing this topic today over lunch at Chilis. What do you think about people using Special Characters in their 40k armies? Tony's take is that he doesn't like it. Also many tournaments don't allow them either from what I've heard.

My take on it is it's cool to run them occasionally but not in EVERY game you play. You know Marneus Calgar would not be there at every single battle the Ultramarines fought. Creed would not be leading the Cadians every time they fought for the Emperor. There are other generals, captains, etc. But it is fun to run a special character or two once in awhile. So what do you think? Let me know by commenting this post. Do you say yes, no, or sometimes??

Til next time,

Monday, October 12, 2009

++Imperial Communique Week 4++


++++Transmitted: Conclave of Har
+++++++Received: Astropath Nimzikki
Telepathic Duct: Terminus Kaleb
++++++++++++Ref: OrdoXenos/454228290/Hv
+++++++++Author: Autosavant Tremonte

By the Authority of the Imortal Emperor of Mankind, this mission briefing (and any transcript thereof), are classified information.

Priority Grade: Omega-Absolutum

Re: Korfeon

As of this week our SG-1 probes show the Imperium controls the majority of the planet but still has not eliminated the xenos forces. Lord Inquisitor Marakis and his Ordo Malleus forces have evacuated the planet after being defeated and his territories conquered. The Eldar struck again conquering one of the Valhallans' territories this weekend.

More Imperial losses are totally unacceptable! The xenos must be eliminated! The Greenskins have been contained as of late but that could change at anytime. The astartes Flesh Tearers and the Valhallans have aided in contaning them. The Great Devourer seems to have slept this past week but we are certain they have not given up. Also it appears as though the Cadian regiment has had to regroup after its past battles as they have lost their astropath and are awaiting a replacement. We look forward to further news of their progress once he arrives.

More Imperial victories are necessary to rid the planet of our opposition. We still have no news concerning the Chaos threat. Perhaps they too have fled the planet. We will send more updates as we receive them.

The Emperor’s Will guides you.

+++++++++++++++End Transmission

Battle For Korfeon Map Week 4
OK, so the new map is above. As of the last update it looked as though Matt was going to win but with Tony takin a tile, it's still anyone's planet! So here are the official campaign standings:

Matt - Valhallans (7 tiles: 3 shield generators, 1 power station, 1 spaceport, 1 command bastion)

Bill - Orks (4 tiles: spaceport, shield generator, power station, manufactorum)

Joden - Nurgle Marines (3 tiles: power station, manufactorum, command bastion)
Dom - Necrons (3 tiles: spaceport, power station)
Mike - Eldar (3 tiles: 2 command bastions, power station, )
Tim - Flash Tearers (3 tiles: manufactorum, command bastion, power station)
Tony - Eldar (3 tiles: manufactorum, spaceport, power station)

Steevo - Tyranids (2 tiles: manufactorum, shield generator)
Dustin - Cadians (2 tiles: manufactorum, shield generator)
Rich - Khorne Marines (2 tiles: command bastion, shield generator)
Strom - Orks (2 tiles: manufactorum, command bastion)

We'll see how this week goes.

Til next time,

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Space Wolves Army List

Space Wolve Codex CoverSo after reading through the new codex, which I think is very cool by the way, I came up with a 2000 point army list I'll be collecting as my first big block for this army. I'm sure I'll pick up other units besides this list so I can have some variety and have something for different situations. But here's what I've come up with so far. Any armament shown is replacing other standard gear:

Ragnar Blackmane

Rune Priest, Skjold Stormcrusher (yes I finally named him) armed with plasma pistol, runic axe, runic armor, Wolftooth Necklace, Jaws Of The World Wolf and Living Lightning

Wolf Guard Pack
Thorgrim Nightwolf - Power Armor, Wolf Claws

Hakon Razorfang - Power Armor, Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield

Hrothgar Longtooth - Power Armor, Wolf Claw, Plasma Pistol

Volund The Honorable - Power Armor, Wolf Claws

Wolf Scout Squad Stonefist (5)- Meltagun, Power Sword

Lone Wolf Erik The Traveler - Frost Axe

Grey Hunter Squad Thunderhead (10) – 2 Meltaguns, Power Fist

Grey Hunter Squad Firebite (9) – Meltagun, Power Fist, Drop Pod

Blood Claw Squad Deathwolf (9) – Flamer, Power Fist, Rhino

Blood Claw Squad Bloodstorm (9) – Flamer, Power Fist, Rhino

Long Fang Squad Ironbrow (6) – 2 Lascannons, (2) Heavy Bolter, Plasma Cannon

Long Fang Squad Stonecrusher (6) – 2 Lascannons, (2) Heavy Bolter, Plasma Cannon

I found some cool ideas online and looked through the codex myself and came up with some cool ideas. As you can see by the unit entry some will be in rhinos or a drop pod. The "command unit" comprised of Ragnar, Skjold, Grey Hunter Squad Thunderhead, and Thorgrim Nightwolf, will run in the crusader. Hrothgar Longtooth and Hakon Razorfang will lead the Blood Claw squads to inspire to victory each in their own rhino transport. My Long Fangs packs will provide long range fire support, and the scouts and Erik The Traveler will reek havoc throughout the battlefield with hit and run tactics.

As of now I have the rune priest, 10 grey hunters, wolf guard Thorgrim, Blood Claws squad, wolf guard Hrothgar, and am converting a new Ragnar model from Lukas The Trickster. So I figure I'll buy the battle force box that is supposed to come out on the 17th that will include two wolf packs (grey hunters, blood claws, wolf guards Volund and Hakon), scouts, and a drop pod. So to get this list completed I'll still need 2 rhinos, 1 land raider crusader, and two devastator squads to make my long fangs. Will keep you posted on how the army is coming along.

Til next time,

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Counts As Armies

Space Wolve Codex CoverSo one of the things I'm hearing about are people that play one space marine army say Black Templars, for example, then when a hot new codex comes out they want to play their army with rules from the new codex. This irritates the hell outta me. Luckily I haven't had to deal with it yet. Why would someone play an army that is out with its own rules then just because a new army codex comes out they want to use the new rules? Now I'm not talkin about those people that put a new army together with a cool idea and doing counts as. Like a genestealer cult that uses the nid codex rules and does counts as for different models. I have no problem with someone doing a cool idea for a new army and using the rules from an existing codex... new or old. That's how you get cool things like Dave Taylor's Blood Pact army with the cool trucks and tanks. He creates a model and then uses the rules for an existing one. Like a truck with a big tank and heavy flamer and using it as a hellhound.

But why would you take an existing army like Black Templars or Blood Angels or whatever and play them with Space Wolf rules? Just because the Space Wolves are the new flavor and have some cool stuff? Lack of imagination? Comment back and give me your take on this.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Space Wolf Scenery

If you're looking for ideas on scenery for your space wolf army like I always am, check out GW's site. Today they have a cool article on the scenery they built for the codex and for the battle report that was done in WD 357.

Most of it is pretty straight forward and if you've done any scenery building before it should be easy stuff. So check it out and try some of your own. I know I will!

Til next time,

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Battle For Korfeon Almost Over

++++Transmitted: Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Mirakis
+++++++Received: Astropath Tremonte
Telepathic Duct: Terminus Kaleb
++++++++++++Ref: OrdoXenos/454228290/Hv
+++++++++Author: Autosavant Tortoma

Priority Grade: Omega-Absolutum

Re: Korfeon

The Emperor was not with the Grey Knights this day. After unsuccessfully trying to route the Eldar and chaotic Imperial Guard forces from their positions (did you know the Guard are fraternizing with witches these days?), I am sorry to say, we were unable to garner enough reinforcements to stay entrenched planetside. With regret Lord Inquisitor Mirakis has called for his flagship, the Purgation, to lift the remaining Daemonhunters off world, and leave this corrupted rock to its own damnation.

++++++++++++++++++++++End Transmission

Batlle For Korfeon Campaign Map - 10-08-09So as you can see by that transmission, Scott and his Grey Knights have lost their tiles and have decided to abandon the planet to its own demise. The latest copy of the map is at the left. More games were played over the past few days...

Matt's Valhallans took a victory over warboss Bill's greenskins and was able to take yet another tile. Next Matt battled against Scott's Daemonhunters and was able to route them and conquer his spaceport! This brings Matt up to owning 8 tiles! Just two more to go and he is the winner of the campaign!

Mike and his eldar also battled Scott's Daemonhunters and was able to take the command bastion. This brings Mike and his Eldar up to three tiles! Bill and his boyz battled more Imperial forces later in the evening taking on Tim's Flesh Tearers. After a long and arduous battle, it was a draw! No tiles for either! More battles coming soon.

Will Matt and his Valhallan's emerge victorious on Sunday? Or will one of the other factions restrain him from his prize? We'll find out!

Til next time,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And More Progress On My Rune Priest

Space Wolf Rune Priest

So I got more work done on my rune priest today. He's pretty much finished! I still have the backpack and the base to do but other than that he's done! I decided to do some weathering on him to give him the appearance that he has been out fighting for some time now. Chipping his armor, etc. I also decided to try a lightning field on the axe blade. Not too bad for my first time, I don't think. Painted all the hoses on him, all his gold bits like his belt, the runes on his axe, etc., painted the rock he's got his right foot on, and did some other finishing touches.

If you look at the pic below you'll see the rear of the model. You can definitely see the wear on his shoulderpad better on the pic of the rear. So almost one model down. Have to get the backpack done, paint the cork to look like the rock (codex grey, graveyard earth, then bleach bone) then just paint up the lava. Will post a totally completed pic once I get this done!

Space Wolf Rune Priest
Til next time,

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Don't I Wish

Yeah, don't I wish I was half as good as Dave Taylor at scratch building and converting. All you guard players HAVE to check out his latest badass vehicles for his Blood Pact army. More half tracks, some medusa-type tanks, and more. Be sure to check out Dave's Motorpool Madness! There's plenty to salivate over. Can't wait to see them all painted up!

Til next time,

Rune Priest Update

Space Wolf Rune PriestIn between blogging, running and playing in the Battle For Korfeon campaign, and building scenery, I've started working on my Space Wolf army. My first post on my rune priest I made some progress in painting my first HQ model. This is the first non-tyranid model I've painted in about three years! So I'm happy with my painting but am hoping to improve more as I go along.

As you can see in the pic I've made a lot more progress since. I've been using the Masterclass article in White Dwarf 357 as a guide. So since my last post Here's what I've done:

Power Armor Second Highlight: Space Wolf Grey

Power Armor Third Highlight: Space Wolf Greay & White

Wolf Pelt: Calthan Brown, then wash of Devlan Mud, then Khemri Brown, finish up with Dheneb Stone

Yellow: Tausept Ochre, then Tausept Ochre Mixed with Golden Yellow, finally white added to previous mix

Leather: Scab Red, Devlan Mud wash, then Scab Red mixed with Calthan Brown and Dheneb Stone

Grenades: Chardon Granite, Chardon Granite mixed with Camo Green, Camo Green

Bone & Wolf Tooth Necklace: Charadon Granite, Khemri Brown, Dheneb Stone

Flesh: Tallarn Flesh, Ogryn Flesh wash, Tallarn Flesh, Dheneb Stone

Hair: Bestial Brown, then Blazing Orange, then Ogryn Flesh wash twice, then Dwarf Flesh. I decided I wanted some grey but not all white so next I highlighted with Fortress Grey then Skull White, finished off with a wash of Devlan Mud

Plasma Pistol, Flexble Joints (any other black parts): Codex Grey, then Fortress Grey

I still have all the metals to paint as well as the axe. I plan on doing an electric field on the blade. So we'll see how it turns out. Also all the hoses and cables then I need to do weathering on the power armor as well. I don't want my army to look like it just came off the assembly line. I want my wolves to look like they have been fighting in a campaign for some time. Should be able to finish my rune priest up tomorrow I hope.

Some upcoming Space Wolf projects include assembling and painting up my Grey Hunter Squad, painting up my Wolf Priest, painting up my "Direct Only" Wolf Guard with Wolf Claws, and converting and painting my own Ragnar model using Lukas The Trickster and some other SW bits! I don't like the Ragnar model as it's very "Static" looking. You can definitely tell it's a second edition 40k model. It's the same model I had when I did Space Wolves the first time around. I wanted a more dynamically posed model that fits Ragnar's fluff. So we'll see how it turns out!

Til next time,

Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting Started With Space Wolves

Space Wolves Battle Tyranids
Games Workshop has a cool article on their site on how to get started with a Space Wolf army. There's some fluff and some ideas for miniatures. Definitely worth a read if you're thinking about starting a Space Wolf Army for the first time or if you are like me and are an old SW player that hasn't played them in quite a long time... can someone say second edition 40k? lol

Have been making more progress with my runepriest and will be posting pics along with more painting tips either later this evening or tomorrow!

Til next time,

Sunday, October 4, 2009

++Imperial Communique Week 3++

Campaign Map 10-04-09

++++Transmitted: Conclave of Har
+++++++Received: Astropath Tortaroon
Telepathic Duct: Terminus Kaleb
++++++++++++Ref: OrdoXenos/454228890/Hv
+++++++++Author: Autosavant Tremonte

By the Authority of the Immortal Emperor of Mankind, this mission briefing (and any transcript thereof), are classified information.

Priority Grade: Omega-Absolutum

Re: Korfeon

We have received progress reports and our SG-1 probe still relays intelligence as well. We are very pleased with the Imperial victories this past week with the Valhallan regiment now controlling six territories. The Legios Astartes Flesh Tearers controls three, and the Cadian regiment and Ordo Malleus Daemonhunters control two each. The Administratum is hopeful we shall emerge victorious at the end of this campaign!

But we are still not pleased with your efforts concerning the xenos and traitor armies controlling so many territories. The army of the tyranid splinter fleet from Hive Fleet Juggernaut still controls two territories and is attempting more consumption by the day, the Eldar control four (two territories to each warhost), the Greenskins have taken another territory and now control six territories with four going to the Warboss known as Bill and the other two controlled by Warboss Strom. Strom and his invasion force somehow appeared from the warp and landed undetected to amass his mighty army. As always with the greenskins, when there is more than one force vying for the same planet, there WILL be infighting. This was apparent in our intelligence reports received this week from our SG-1 probe.

The traitorous legions of chaos have have not been seen over the past week. Maybe they are attempting to gain more power from their foul gods? We shall see. They still control five territories.

The Necron presence on this planet lost one of its territories to the one of the greenskin armies. This is a blessing for our cause, but the fact that the xenos races are still even on this planet is still unacceptable! You must increase your efforts this next week and eliminate the xenos opposition. We expect more Imperial victories! We must succeed in conquering this planet so that we may colonize to relieve a portion of our overpopulation dilemma.

There are still three uncontrolled territories. In the name of The Emperor, go forth and secure these by force before our enemies lay claim and establish outposts.

The Emperor’s Will guides you.

++++++++++++++++++++++End Transmission

Greenskin Bash & Campaign Standings

Orks VS OrksThat's right, the warbosses ran into each other yesterday and had a slugfest! Both brought their boyz out to play and see who was the tuffest and baddest warboss on the planet! Bill brought his usual mob of boyz including his battlewagons, trukk, lootas, nobs, etc. While Warboss Strom brought on his tide of boyz including his looted Hammerhead! That's right a looted hammerhead on wheels! You can see it in the bottom right of the pic.

After all the dust cleared the 2 warbosses were tied up for this battle but I have a feeling they will meet again to try to take the title of Top Boss! So no tiles were conquered.

Current Campaign Standings

Campaign Map 10-04-09
Matt - Valhallans (6 tiles - power station, manufactorum, 2 shield Generators, Command Bastion)

Bill - Orks (4 tiles - Spaceport, Manufactorum, Shield Generator, Power Station)

Joden - Nurgle Marines (3 tiles - Power Station, Command Bastion, Manufactorum)
Tim - Flesh Tearers (3 tiles - Power Station, Command Bastion, Manufactorum)
Dom - Necrons (3 tiles - Power Station, Spaceport)

Steevo - Tyranids (2 tiles - Manufactorum, Shield Generator)
Tony - Eldar (2 tiles - Spaceport, Power Station)
Mike - Eldar (2 tiles - Command Bastion, Power Station)
Rich - Khorne Marines (2 tiles - Shield Generator)
Strom - Orks (2 tiles - Manufactorum, Command Bastion)
Dustin - Cadians (2 tiles - Manufactorum, Shield Generator)
Scott -Daemonhunters (2 tiles - Spaceport, Command Bastion)

So it looks like Matt and his Valhallans only need 4 more tiles to win the campaign! The rest of us on the bottom rank need to start winning some games! The official Imperial Communique should be coming your way tonight!

Til next time,

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Great Devourer Takes On The Mighty Valhallans

Battle For Korfeon - Tyranids VS Imperial GuardSo, I get together with Matt at our local GW for a campaign game tonight. We decided to play a 2k game. This was the first time I ever battled against Matt. I have been playing pretty much the same list throughout the campaign.
- DakkaTyrant (2 Twin-Linked Devourers) with Toxin Sacs,
   Enhanced Senses, Warp Field
- 2 Tyrant Guard with Lash Whips
- Brood Lord with Flesh Hooks, Feeder Tendrils,
   Extended Carapace
- 8 Genestealer Retinue with Extended Carapace and
   Flesh Hooks


- 4 Warriors with Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs,
- Boomfex (Barbed Strangler and Scything Talons)
- Dakkafex (2 Twin-Linked Devourers) with Enhanced Senses


- 8 Genestealers with Extended Carapace, Flesh Hooks,
   Scuttlers (let's me outflank)
- 8 Genestealers with Extended Carapace, Feeder Tendrils
- 8 Genestealers with Extended Carapace, Feeder Tendrils
- 8 Termagants (fleshborers) Without Number
- 8 Spinegaunts (spinefists) Without Number

Heavy Support
- 2 Zoanthropes with Warp Blast, Synapse
- 2 Gunfexes (Barbed Strangler, Venom Cannon)with
   Enhanced Senses and Reinforced Chitin (+1 wound)
All together this comes out to 1997 points.

Anyway, back to tonight's game... Matt put his list together at the store... quite nasty. He had ran his standard requirements then added in a psyker battle squad in a chimera, his Command unit was in a chimera, a big ol unit of guardsmen along with mortars, autocannons, and some heavy weapons squads with lascannons, heavy bolters, and missile launchers, 2 hellhounds, a griffon, and 2 medusas, and a partridge in a pear tree. Talk about tank shock lol

So we rolled for deployment and mission and of course wouldn't you know it... Annihilation! Geee my favorite lol. And Dawn Of War for deployment. So matt won the roll for deployment as he had a power station that gave him a plus to his rolls. So he deployed first, then me. Only 1 HQ and 2 troops... not much. But luck was with me yet again and i managed to seize the initiative!!

So I moved my other units onto the table then moved the units I had deployed, opened fire on the 2 chimeras and managed to immobilize them. Mat deployed the rest of his army and the battle was on!

His medusas were pretty accurate and took out some stuff, his ratling snipers tried to get a good firepoint but the brood lord and his buddies crashed the party and took them all out! Slicey dicey! Matt returned fire and destroyed more of the xenos menace including the tyrant and his guard... damned hellhounds... nasty nasty.

My fexes kept pounding away at the chimera and when Matt's Valkerie came on the board and dropped out its cargo of veterans, one of my gunfexes tried to take it down; scattering horribly into my sealers trying to get into charge range with the new item on today's menu. 2 stealers were taken out by the barbed strangler and the rest panicked and ran off the board... giving matt a free kill point!

IG Lieutenant Lives To Tell The TaleAs more and more combat went down, matt was ahead by a few kill points but i was catching up, having assaulted his heavy weapons teams with the brood lord and his retinue. Alas the stealers bit it and just left the lord out alone. My scuttling stealers came in and decimated the heavy bolter squad on the other side of the board but on Matt's turn his Penal troopers finally arrived and between them and the hellhounds took out all but 3 stealers. Then they charged into my stealers losing a few and getting locked in for a few turns. Meanwhile my dakkafex wrecked one of his chimeras and out popped the squad riding inside! So my warriors fired their deathspitters, killing all but the lieutenant from the squad. That lucky guy lived to tell the tale by hiding behind the Chimera pillbox in the middle of the board the last couple turns!

Brood Lord assaults Command ChimeraMy brood lord assaulted the command chimera and immobilized it! The squad inside, quivered with fear as the creature kept assaulting their transport. The commander inside must have radioed an order for all all units to open fire on his assailant because that's what happened! Almost the whole army tried to kill my brood lord and only gave him 2 wounds! He was still alive at the end of the game with one wound remaining!

Once all the smoke, ichor and lasgun fire cleared, Matt's Valhallan regiment managed to kill off just one more unit than my nids... the unit my fex accidentally destroyed. So instead of a draw, like I should have gotten, the Valhallans were victorious and Hive Fleet Juggernaut retreated... for now. Matt and his Valhallans conquered yet another tile, claiming the Shield Generator in the southeast that was unowned. This brings Matt up to SIX TILES!! Definitely at the top of the heap for the campaign. CONGRATS MATT and GREAT GAME!! I had a blast!

...Next time we play I think I'll try a Nuke Choir list and see how it does instead.

Oh and this just in... It appears that Dom and his dice finally made up last night after I left. The Battle Of The Ancients ended in a six turn draw! So no conquests for the Necrons or Mike's Eldar! More to come tomorrow and the next Official Imperial Communique for the campaign!

Here's the latest Campaign Map:
Battle For Korfeon Campaign Map - 10-02-09
Only 3 unowned tiles left!

Til next time,

Friday, October 2, 2009

Progress On My Runepriest

Space Wolf Runepriest Step 1So I started actually painting my Space Wolf Runepriest yesterday. After I had pinned him to an old paint pot I had a few problems with him moving around due to his weight. So I ran up to AC Moore and picked up a pack of medium sized hobby corks. Just pinned him onto the larger side and viola... all good to go.

So when I was cleaning my model up the other night, I also decided to mix up a custom color in a paint pot. Since I would be using the same base color for most of my army, I took a pot of shadow grey that was half full and added the same amount of Space Wolf Grey to it then a few large drops of Kommando Khaki. I have been referencing the masterclass article in WD 357 for ideas on paining this model. They called for a 1:1:1 ratio of the three colors but in my opinion it was a little too light. So anyway as you see in the pic to the left there, I painted all the power armor with the Space Wolf Armor base color I mixed up.

Space Wolf Runepriest Power Armor step 2Next up was a wash in the cracks between the armor of a 1:1 mix of Shadow Grey and Scorched Brown. After mixing these colors I added enough water to bring the consistency up to milk and applied a wash before moving onto my first highlight on the power armor. So for the first highlight I went with the base color with more Space Wolf Grey mixed in. I then highlighted all the power armor on the model. More highlights to go as I'll next be doing a coat of pure Space Wolf Grey on the power armor. More pics to come.

Also I got a nice little gift from my friend, Eller. The other day when I picked up my Runepriest, I was telling the guys how I had a Wolf Priest model from Games Day '06 but could not find him. I figured I'd have to convert one up for the army. So what do i hear from Eller? "I have one of those that's just sitting doin nothing." So I asked what he wanted in trade and he says, "I'll give him to ya. I didn't pay for him. He was free at Games Day that year." Dude, you are AWESOME! Thanx to Eller, I now have a Wolf Priest model for my new army as well! Will paint him up after the Wolf pack box I'm buying this Saturday! Keep checkin back for more progress on my Space Wolf Army. For more cool Space Wolf info and blogging be sure to check out

Til next time,

More Fighting On Korfeon

That's right. There have been more battles going on this week for the Battle For Korfeon Campaign we have going on! So far this week there have been planty of greenskin sightings as well as Eldar, Necrons, and Imperial Guard!

First Matt's Valhallans took on Mike's Eldar in a battle this week ending in a draw. Not much information on the battle but no one conquered a tile from that confrontation!

Next up saw Bill's Orks battling it out with Dom's Necron army. Poor Dom... his dice did not like him. lol As they played an annihilation game and all he was able to destroy was a def dread and a unit of grots. He was failing armor saves miserably and by the end, the Greenskin menace made him phase out! But alas Warboss Bill could not conquer that area of the map.

Matt's Valhallans VS Warboss Strom's BoyzIn another greenskin incursion Strom's Boyz finally managed to make it out of the warp and show up for the fun. He brought the Waaagh to Matt's Valhallans for a dakka party but in the end it was the stalwart Imperial Guard that won the battle for the command bastion in the southeast.

Then this evening there was another "Battle Of the Ancients" as Dom's Necrons went to battle with Mike's Eldar. The results of which have not made it back to me. But last I looked it seemed as though Dom and his dice had still not made up yet.

I'll report more on this tomorrow, most likely. The third Official Imperial Communique will be posted Sunday night with the official rankings for the campaign. Currently Matt is still on top with five tiles. Matt, you're halfway there!

Til next time,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let The Wolf Building Begin!

Space Wolf Runepriest painted by the GW 'Eavy Metal TeamI received my Runepriest model I ordered direct from GW today. The studio model is to the left there. This will be one of my HQ choices in my new Space Wolf army. My plan is to take my time and really do the very best job painting and modeling this army instead of rushing to get it assembled, paint slapped on it and getting it on a table for battle. I figure everyone will be basing SWs in snow or their normal sand and static grass motif, or whatever. I decided to go with something different. According to the write up on pages 16 and 17 in WD 357 the Space Wolves' home planet of Fenris has an eliptical orbit around its sun. When it is brought close to its pale sun, the seas boil as lava erupts from the planet's cracked crust. So I figure I'll base my new Space Wolf army on rock with lava! This will be different from most SW armies and will be a great contrast to the model.

In a walk through on painting his Skulltaker, MasterDarksol, over at All Things 40K explains how to make lava and rock basing for your minis using sheets of cork! Very kewl, except you probably won't have to order online, as he did, unless you really want to. I stopped by AC Moore this evening and picked up a 12" x 24" x 1/16" roll for under $5! Perfect for what I'm doing. Most larger chain craft stores will most likely carry it as well. Just ask.

Space Wolf Wolf Guard With Wolf Claws Model - Painted by GW Eavy Metal TeamWhile I was at GW picking up my Runepriest (will have to come up with names for these guys in the near future), I also placed an order for the new "Direct Only" Wolf Guard model. This is the same model they did the step-by-step 'Eavy Metal Masterclass on in WD 357 (pg 88.) Very kewl model, so HAD to have him as I'll be running a few wolf guard models in my Grey Hunter and Blood Claw packs.

My paint scheme for my wolf army will be very similar to this model except I won't be adding the kommando khaki into my base color as they did. I prefer a little darker paint color and will probably be doing the flesh and the bone using foundations paints the way my buddy, Mike, does. I'll be going over that in a later post once I get to that step in painting this model!

So I went home this evening, ate dinner, watched Hell's Kitchen on DVR (Gordon Ramsay Rocks!) with Nancy (My fiance who is totally awesome about supporting me with the hobby and the time I put into it), and then went down to the "man cave" in our basement and started working on cleaning up the model and clipping pieces.

Once I cleaned everything, I clipped the tab off the bottom of the model. I needed it flat to go on the base. So I filed the foot and the bottom of the rock under the other foot flat then glued a pin into the model's right foot so that I could glue this onto an old paint pot to work on. I just drilled a hole into the lid of an old bleached bone pot (good reason to keep old empty paint pots, by the way) and glued the model onto it. Next I glued the axe and the plasma pistol onto the model but left the backpack off so I could paint all the details.

Next up was to cut a piece of cork out from the sheet to fit onto the base per MasterDarksol's instructions. I cut some of it off and roughed up a few edges to make it more natural looking and super glued it to the base. Once the glue was all dry I used some Chaos Black spray primer on the model, the base (painting it separate as well) and the backpack.

I'll be posting more pics as I get more done. I expect to have some more tomorrow as well as some more news in the Battle For Korfeon!

Til next time,
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