Friday, October 15, 2010

More Throne of Skulls

Well, the game against bill's blood angels went very poorly for me. He almost tabled me at the end of turn 5. Ragnar and his wolf guard in their land raider crusader were still alive and that was it. Bill ended up with over 2400 victory points from me. While I ended up with about a thousand or so.

Space Wolves Battle TyranidsTomorrow I'll be taking on Charles' great devourer army list. That's right, Space Wolves vs Nids! We'll see how it goes. As most of you on here know, nids are my other army I play for 40k. So hopefully it will give me the insight i need to defeat this xenos threat!

Charles and Jason played in a game for the tournament and charles defeated Jason's chaos army through the luck or should I say bad luck of dice rolling more than anything. Poor Jason was rolling pretty badly. Also Another great battle for the tournament I saw at the store tonight was Jank's necrons vs John's nids. Some very cool stuff there!

We'll see how I do tomorrow. Hopefully much better than the other day!

Til next time,

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