Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Desert Scenery

Last week I picked up the Imperial Sector boxed set of buildings to make some new scenery for my desert table I've been gaming on. It's much more fun than playing out in the wastes with just hills and mesas. So I got it home and started assembling some buildings. I really liked some of the ones that were in the battle reports in this month's White Dwarf. So looked at them for some inspiration. After assembling and gluing them to a hardboard base I decided to clip up a bunch of the sprue the buildings came on and glue it down around the base of the buildings for rubble. Then just glued some sand to the base and on top of the sprue.

Next up was to primer and paint the buildings. Also I found my last piece of moonscape so figured I'd do up a crater for this table as well. I primed them all black and got out my gw spray gun and sprayed a coat of vermin brown onto my new structures. Next up I did an overbrush of Tausept Ochre and finished off with a drybrush of bleached bone. As you can see in the pics, they came out nicely.

I figured while I was at it I'd also assemble and paint my Honoured Imperium set. So I assembled everything and primed it up and painted the broken aquilla and the ruined piece of building to match the other scenery for the desert table. I figured I'd use the Space Marine statue on various tables so went with a bronze color for it and a cement color for the base. So first up was a coat of tin bitz on the statue and an overbrush of codex grey on the base. Next I did a drybrush of dwarf bronze on the statue and a drybrush of graveyard earth on the base. Finally I finished off the base with a drybrush of bleached bone. For the statue I did a drybrush of shining gold. Now I could have stopped here but wanted it to look weathered and old so I decided to give it some oxidation by doing a wash of hawk turquoise mixed with a touch of snot green and some of the old gw green wash (from like 98) as I couldn't seem to find my thraka green wash. After diluting all this with water I went about adding wash into recesses on the status and around rivets, etc. As you can see in the pic, I think it came out rather well.

Til next time,

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  1. Looking awesome.

    I don't think I'll ever be able to paint that well. What did you use for the sand?


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