Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Space Wolves vs Orks and vs Chaos

So I played two games today. I finally took on Matt's orks and then This evening took on Duane's Word Bearers.

So Matt and I finally got together at the GW White Marsh store for a game of 40k today. 2000 points. I have been playing my new 2k list. Matt brought out a TON of boyz. I think overall he had like 200 or so models on the table! he had like 6 - 30 boy mobz plus some support. we played a pitched battle set up with the mission being annihilation.

Of course This was a tall order for me to be able to win. Though gave it my best but in the end, I just couldn't take out enough boyz before he wiped me off the table.

Then this evening I took on Duane's Word Bearer Chaos marines list! his list contained 2 15-man marine squads with icon bearers, a defiler, vindicator, 3 lesser demon squads, 1 demon prince, a greater demon, and a lord and squad in terminator armor.

Well we decided to play seize ground and 12" pitched battle. Duane rolled higher then me and decided he would let me go first... BAD IDEA! I wound up winning the game with some highlights being one mark of the wolfen model being turned into a spawn, all 3 squads of lesser demons being destroyed in hand-to-hand combat, and the DP being destroyed after 3 full turns of hand-to-hand. In the end I had one objective of 3 and the foul forces of chaos were whittled down to a small threat. It was nice to get a win! Next time I hope Duane won't let his opponent go first when he rolls higher! Will be playing more games with my new 2k list. It seems to be doing well overall.

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