Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Land Raider Achilles

Those lance weapons make you want to stop taking a land raider in your army list? Well here's the answer... The Land Raider Achilles! It's gonna give you 4 models less transport capabnility (6 models), and loses its assault ramp, so only has doors on the sides, but boasts twin-linked multi-meltas on the sponsons and a hull-mounted thunderfire cannon! Thanks to its Feromantic Invulnerability lance weapons don't do their dirty deed against it and melta weapons don't get their plus one at all. As a matter of fact it reduces the damage result by 1. So it will never explode unless hit with a strength "D" weapon!

Finally, a way Space Wolves can take a thunderfire cannon! Check it out:
Land Raider Achilles
Land Raiser Achilles Rules

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