Saturday, November 6, 2010


So I open my door this morning and what is sitting on my doorstep? A box the FedEx guy left from Battlefoam! My Pack 720 finally arrived! My wife, Nancy, bought it for me back in May as a birthday gift. First the hold up was that I decided to commission Dave Taylor to build and paint me a Leman Russ Primarch model. So I wanted to have a spot in the case for him. So had to wait for Dave to finish building him so he could give me a pic so I could have a trace to send them. So once I received the pic and sent them my load out, including traces for characters and other models that wouldn't fit in a standard troop slot in the case, I received an email saying they were out of the cases themselves and I would have to wait until November. This was back in September.

So here it is, first weekend in November and I received the case! I'm excited. Just look at all the spots for models! The 720 gives you 12" of foam for your minis. You can either go with their standard foam pieces or do some custom layouts or both. I did both. Now my WHOLE Space Wolves army fits in one case (except for my drop pods, I'll be ordering a GW case custom foam for them.) So now back to painting my Wolves and onto playing more games with them!

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