Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let The Wolf Building Begin!

Space Wolf Runepriest painted by the GW 'Eavy Metal TeamI received my Runepriest model I ordered direct from GW today. The studio model is to the left there. This will be one of my HQ choices in my new Space Wolf army. My plan is to take my time and really do the very best job painting and modeling this army instead of rushing to get it assembled, paint slapped on it and getting it on a table for battle. I figure everyone will be basing SWs in snow or their normal sand and static grass motif, or whatever. I decided to go with something different. According to the write up on pages 16 and 17 in WD 357 the Space Wolves' home planet of Fenris has an eliptical orbit around its sun. When it is brought close to its pale sun, the seas boil as lava erupts from the planet's cracked crust. So I figure I'll base my new Space Wolf army on rock with lava! This will be different from most SW armies and will be a great contrast to the model.

In a walk through on painting his Skulltaker, MasterDarksol, over at All Things 40K explains how to make lava and rock basing for your minis using sheets of cork! Very kewl, except you probably won't have to order online, as he did, unless you really want to. I stopped by AC Moore this evening and picked up a 12" x 24" x 1/16" roll for under $5! Perfect for what I'm doing. Most larger chain craft stores will most likely carry it as well. Just ask.

Space Wolf Wolf Guard With Wolf Claws Model - Painted by GW Eavy Metal TeamWhile I was at GW picking up my Runepriest (will have to come up with names for these guys in the near future), I also placed an order for the new "Direct Only" Wolf Guard model. This is the same model they did the step-by-step 'Eavy Metal Masterclass on in WD 357 (pg 88.) Very kewl model, so HAD to have him as I'll be running a few wolf guard models in my Grey Hunter and Blood Claw packs.

My paint scheme for my wolf army will be very similar to this model except I won't be adding the kommando khaki into my base color as they did. I prefer a little darker paint color and will probably be doing the flesh and the bone using foundations paints the way my buddy, Mike, does. I'll be going over that in a later post once I get to that step in painting this model!

So I went home this evening, ate dinner, watched Hell's Kitchen on DVR (Gordon Ramsay Rocks!) with Nancy (My fiance who is totally awesome about supporting me with the hobby and the time I put into it), and then went down to the "man cave" in our basement and started working on cleaning up the model and clipping pieces.

Once I cleaned everything, I clipped the tab off the bottom of the model. I needed it flat to go on the base. So I filed the foot and the bottom of the rock under the other foot flat then glued a pin into the model's right foot so that I could glue this onto an old paint pot to work on. I just drilled a hole into the lid of an old bleached bone pot (good reason to keep old empty paint pots, by the way) and glued the model onto it. Next I glued the axe and the plasma pistol onto the model but left the backpack off so I could paint all the details.

Next up was to cut a piece of cork out from the sheet to fit onto the base per MasterDarksol's instructions. I cut some of it off and roughed up a few edges to make it more natural looking and super glued it to the base. Once the glue was all dry I used some Chaos Black spray primer on the model, the base (painting it separate as well) and the backpack.

I'll be posting more pics as I get more done. I expect to have some more tomorrow as well as some more news in the Battle For Korfeon!

Til next time,

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