Monday, October 12, 2009

++Imperial Communique Week 4++


++++Transmitted: Conclave of Har
+++++++Received: Astropath Nimzikki
Telepathic Duct: Terminus Kaleb
++++++++++++Ref: OrdoXenos/454228290/Hv
+++++++++Author: Autosavant Tremonte

By the Authority of the Imortal Emperor of Mankind, this mission briefing (and any transcript thereof), are classified information.

Priority Grade: Omega-Absolutum

Re: Korfeon

As of this week our SG-1 probes show the Imperium controls the majority of the planet but still has not eliminated the xenos forces. Lord Inquisitor Marakis and his Ordo Malleus forces have evacuated the planet after being defeated and his territories conquered. The Eldar struck again conquering one of the Valhallans' territories this weekend.

More Imperial losses are totally unacceptable! The xenos must be eliminated! The Greenskins have been contained as of late but that could change at anytime. The astartes Flesh Tearers and the Valhallans have aided in contaning them. The Great Devourer seems to have slept this past week but we are certain they have not given up. Also it appears as though the Cadian regiment has had to regroup after its past battles as they have lost their astropath and are awaiting a replacement. We look forward to further news of their progress once he arrives.

More Imperial victories are necessary to rid the planet of our opposition. We still have no news concerning the Chaos threat. Perhaps they too have fled the planet. We will send more updates as we receive them.

The Emperor’s Will guides you.

+++++++++++++++End Transmission

Battle For Korfeon Map Week 4
OK, so the new map is above. As of the last update it looked as though Matt was going to win but with Tony takin a tile, it's still anyone's planet! So here are the official campaign standings:

Matt - Valhallans (7 tiles: 3 shield generators, 1 power station, 1 spaceport, 1 command bastion)

Bill - Orks (4 tiles: spaceport, shield generator, power station, manufactorum)

Joden - Nurgle Marines (3 tiles: power station, manufactorum, command bastion)
Dom - Necrons (3 tiles: spaceport, power station)
Mike - Eldar (3 tiles: 2 command bastions, power station, )
Tim - Flash Tearers (3 tiles: manufactorum, command bastion, power station)
Tony - Eldar (3 tiles: manufactorum, spaceport, power station)

Steevo - Tyranids (2 tiles: manufactorum, shield generator)
Dustin - Cadians (2 tiles: manufactorum, shield generator)
Rich - Khorne Marines (2 tiles: command bastion, shield generator)
Strom - Orks (2 tiles: manufactorum, command bastion)

We'll see how this week goes.

Til next time,

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