Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Special Characters In 40K

Space Wolves Ulik The SlayerSo Tony and I were discussing this topic today over lunch at Chilis. What do you think about people using Special Characters in their 40k armies? Tony's take is that he doesn't like it. Also many tournaments don't allow them either from what I've heard.

My take on it is it's cool to run them occasionally but not in EVERY game you play. You know Marneus Calgar would not be there at every single battle the Ultramarines fought. Creed would not be leading the Cadians every time they fought for the Emperor. There are other generals, captains, etc. But it is fun to run a special character or two once in awhile. So what do you think? Let me know by commenting this post. Do you say yes, no, or sometimes??

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  1. I generally do not restrict my opponent, though I myself do not use Special Characters. They're awesome, but I like to run generic HQ units built for the role I want them to play. I tend to have much more fun this way, as I don't feel like I'm fielding a cheese-unit.


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