Friday, October 2, 2009

More Fighting On Korfeon

That's right. There have been more battles going on this week for the Battle For Korfeon Campaign we have going on! So far this week there have been planty of greenskin sightings as well as Eldar, Necrons, and Imperial Guard!

First Matt's Valhallans took on Mike's Eldar in a battle this week ending in a draw. Not much information on the battle but no one conquered a tile from that confrontation!

Next up saw Bill's Orks battling it out with Dom's Necron army. Poor Dom... his dice did not like him. lol As they played an annihilation game and all he was able to destroy was a def dread and a unit of grots. He was failing armor saves miserably and by the end, the Greenskin menace made him phase out! But alas Warboss Bill could not conquer that area of the map.

Matt's Valhallans VS Warboss Strom's BoyzIn another greenskin incursion Strom's Boyz finally managed to make it out of the warp and show up for the fun. He brought the Waaagh to Matt's Valhallans for a dakka party but in the end it was the stalwart Imperial Guard that won the battle for the command bastion in the southeast.

Then this evening there was another "Battle Of the Ancients" as Dom's Necrons went to battle with Mike's Eldar. The results of which have not made it back to me. But last I looked it seemed as though Dom and his dice had still not made up yet.

I'll report more on this tomorrow, most likely. The third Official Imperial Communique will be posted Sunday night with the official rankings for the campaign. Currently Matt is still on top with five tiles. Matt, you're halfway there!

Til next time,

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