Thursday, October 22, 2009

Warboss Fozdik Almost In Total Control

That's right, Warboss Fozdik managed to defeat the Valhallans yesterday and conquer their spaceport. Fozdik and his boyz brought the waagh in a mighty 3k Apocalypse game yesterday and conquered yet another territory. The Valhallan regiment just couldn't take down the mighty stompas the greenskins brought to battle. This means that Bill only needs one more tile to win the campaign! Who will be next to take on the Mighty Fozdik and his boyz?

Rumor has it that Tony and his Eldar warhost may be the next to challenge Bill and his boyz. Or maybe it will be Lord Hutchinson and his Cadian battle group? Who knows? All games are 3K and up and have the possibility to be apoc games with no more than 3 datafaxes/formations for the rest of this week.

The official Imperial Communique that is dispatched every Sunday will have more results as well as any other new rules for the upcoming week.

The curent campaign map is below:

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