Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Making My Own Ragnar Blackmane

So as most of you know I started working on Space Wolves. They were my first army when I got into the hobby in 95. So now I decided to do a new army of them. My biggest gripe... the Ragnar Blackmane model. If you look at the pic to the left it's the same static model that was released in 95! That was fine for second edition 40K, but not for 5th edition fifteen years later. If you read his fluff he's not a stand and give orders kind of character AT ALL! So I decided to make my own.

After looking at a few different models I decided to use the Lukas The Trickster model. He's in a great pose, running in for the charge. Of course I won't be keeping the model stock. First was to cut off his head and replace it with a more suitable head. One of the heads from the new Wolf Pack box was perfect! Had a topknot and was modeled shouting. When I cut off Lukas' head I had to cut most of the collar with it so will have to use some green stuff and mold a new one. I pinned the head onto Lukas' body.

Next was to clip off a few details from Lukas' armor. The tail on his left and the horn on his right were both clipped off. Will have to go back and green stuff the belt back in as some of it was cut off when clipping the tail.

Next up was a bolt pistol from the Wolf Pack box and then on to making his frostblade. In order to do this right (and a little easier), I changed the sword and pistol around. So he's holding the sword in his left hand and pistol in his right. We'll just say he's ambidextrous lol. So anyway, for the frostblade i used the power sword from the new wolf pack box and 2 chainswords also from the new box. I clipped the blade off of the power sword and clipped the blades from 2 chainswords. First, using plastic glue, I lined the 2 chainswords up and glued them together. Once the glue had set I glued the long chainsword blade to the hilt of the power sword. Next I pinned and glued the arms to the model in a cool dynamic pose.

Also the official Ragnar model has a wolf head that sticks out from his left shoulder pad instead of a transfer or molded shoulder pad that comes in the Wolf Pack box or the metal molded shoulder pad you can order. So I was trying to figure out what I was gonna do for the wolf head. So it hit me while lookin through the new wolf bits. The thunder hammer has a wolf head on the back of the head. This was perfect size! So I cut one off and filed it a little to get the curve to match the shoulder pad. I pinned it on and now just have to add a lil green stuff to fill in the small gap where it meets the shoulder pad. You can see it on the table in the pic to the left. Once I get this green stuffing done, I'll add Lukas' backpack/cloak to the model and then he'll be ready to prime and paint. The pic to the left there is what I have done so far. Like I said just a little bit of green stuffing to do then glue on the shoulder pads, the cloak, and prime and paint him up. Once that's done I'll glue him to a base done up like the rest of the army(lava and rock.) Once I get him done I'll post pics.

Til next time,


  1. Great stuff, he looks pretty good so far!

    I have ordered the WG with the Wolfclaws and the ugly head for the same purpose. I may have to pick up Lukas for the fantastic pack/pelt bit! Plust I've go an extra old Ragnar model to steal the wolf's head pad.

  2. @Big Jim, COOL! Definitely post when you get it done up. I had thought about that model as well but have him as a wolf guard in my army and Lukas came with the wy cool cloak. Thanx for the compliment on the conversion. Got everything finished today and the green stuff is curing. Should be able to prime him and start painting him up tomorrow!


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