Thursday, October 15, 2009

Warboss Fozdik On The Rampage

OrksWarboss Fozdik (Bill) has been on the rampage on the planet of Korfeon as of late. Earlier this week his boyz clashed with the forces of Khorne making for a mighty battle. In the end the warboss called upon the mighty power of the waagh and decimated the followers of the Blood God; conquering their command bastion.

Then in the vast wastelands he ran into the Cadians . They have finally received their new Astropath and have renewed their vow to the Emperor to take the planet for the mighty Imperium. The two forces met up and the battle raged on. Lord Hutchinson would not let the greenskins claim the territory. He sent out his 3rd armored division and confronted the green skinned enemy head on.

After some casualties on both sides the forces of the Imperium prevailed and drove the Ork warband out of the territory and took control of the last remaining unowned power station on the planet. Lord Hutchinson and his Cadian regiment now control three territories in the name of the Emperor.

I'm sure this is not the last we or Lord Hutchinson will see of Warboss Fozdik! The newest version of the campaign map is below.

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