Sunday, October 4, 2009

Greenskin Bash & Campaign Standings

Orks VS OrksThat's right, the warbosses ran into each other yesterday and had a slugfest! Both brought their boyz out to play and see who was the tuffest and baddest warboss on the planet! Bill brought his usual mob of boyz including his battlewagons, trukk, lootas, nobs, etc. While Warboss Strom brought on his tide of boyz including his looted Hammerhead! That's right a looted hammerhead on wheels! You can see it in the bottom right of the pic.

After all the dust cleared the 2 warbosses were tied up for this battle but I have a feeling they will meet again to try to take the title of Top Boss! So no tiles were conquered.

Current Campaign Standings

Campaign Map 10-04-09
Matt - Valhallans (6 tiles - power station, manufactorum, 2 shield Generators, Command Bastion)

Bill - Orks (4 tiles - Spaceport, Manufactorum, Shield Generator, Power Station)

Joden - Nurgle Marines (3 tiles - Power Station, Command Bastion, Manufactorum)
Tim - Flesh Tearers (3 tiles - Power Station, Command Bastion, Manufactorum)
Dom - Necrons (3 tiles - Power Station, Spaceport)

Steevo - Tyranids (2 tiles - Manufactorum, Shield Generator)
Tony - Eldar (2 tiles - Spaceport, Power Station)
Mike - Eldar (2 tiles - Command Bastion, Power Station)
Rich - Khorne Marines (2 tiles - Shield Generator)
Strom - Orks (2 tiles - Manufactorum, Command Bastion)
Dustin - Cadians (2 tiles - Manufactorum, Shield Generator)
Scott -Daemonhunters (2 tiles - Spaceport, Command Bastion)

So it looks like Matt and his Valhallans only need 4 more tiles to win the campaign! The rest of us on the bottom rank need to start winning some games! The official Imperial Communique should be coming your way tonight!

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