Friday, October 2, 2009

Progress On My Runepriest

Space Wolf Runepriest Step 1So I started actually painting my Space Wolf Runepriest yesterday. After I had pinned him to an old paint pot I had a few problems with him moving around due to his weight. So I ran up to AC Moore and picked up a pack of medium sized hobby corks. Just pinned him onto the larger side and viola... all good to go.

So when I was cleaning my model up the other night, I also decided to mix up a custom color in a paint pot. Since I would be using the same base color for most of my army, I took a pot of shadow grey that was half full and added the same amount of Space Wolf Grey to it then a few large drops of Kommando Khaki. I have been referencing the masterclass article in WD 357 for ideas on paining this model. They called for a 1:1:1 ratio of the three colors but in my opinion it was a little too light. So anyway as you see in the pic to the left there, I painted all the power armor with the Space Wolf Armor base color I mixed up.

Space Wolf Runepriest Power Armor step 2Next up was a wash in the cracks between the armor of a 1:1 mix of Shadow Grey and Scorched Brown. After mixing these colors I added enough water to bring the consistency up to milk and applied a wash before moving onto my first highlight on the power armor. So for the first highlight I went with the base color with more Space Wolf Grey mixed in. I then highlighted all the power armor on the model. More highlights to go as I'll next be doing a coat of pure Space Wolf Grey on the power armor. More pics to come.

Also I got a nice little gift from my friend, Eller. The other day when I picked up my Runepriest, I was telling the guys how I had a Wolf Priest model from Games Day '06 but could not find him. I figured I'd have to convert one up for the army. So what do i hear from Eller? "I have one of those that's just sitting doin nothing." So I asked what he wanted in trade and he says, "I'll give him to ya. I didn't pay for him. He was free at Games Day that year." Dude, you are AWESOME! Thanx to Eller, I now have a Wolf Priest model for my new army as well! Will paint him up after the Wolf pack box I'm buying this Saturday! Keep checkin back for more progress on my Space Wolf Army. For more cool Space Wolf info and blogging be sure to check out

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  1. Looking good so far!

    Thanks for the plug for our Space Wolves blog!


  2. @Big jim,

    Thanx for the compliment. No problem for the plug. Good blog! Keep up the good work. I'll be posting more pics as I get more done on this guy as well as other SW models!



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