Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And More Progress On My Rune Priest

Space Wolf Rune Priest

So I got more work done on my rune priest today. He's pretty much finished! I still have the backpack and the base to do but other than that he's done! I decided to do some weathering on him to give him the appearance that he has been out fighting for some time now. Chipping his armor, etc. I also decided to try a lightning field on the axe blade. Not too bad for my first time, I don't think. Painted all the hoses on him, all his gold bits like his belt, the runes on his axe, etc., painted the rock he's got his right foot on, and did some other finishing touches.

If you look at the pic below you'll see the rear of the model. You can definitely see the wear on his shoulderpad better on the pic of the rear. So almost one model down. Have to get the backpack done, paint the cork to look like the rock (codex grey, graveyard earth, then bleach bone) then just paint up the lava. Will post a totally completed pic once I get this done!

Space Wolf Rune Priest
Til next time,


  1. Sharp job on this. You did a very good job on the paint chips - especially so since they are on the yellow shoulderpads. Fur looks sharp to.

  2. @Big D,
    Thanx for the compliments. Should be posting more SW pics soon including him on his base with wolf icon transfer and all.


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