Monday, September 28, 2009

40K Has Come Full Cirlcle For Me

Space Wolve Codex CoverI've been into the hobby since 1995. 40k was in second edition and the Dark Millenium box set had just been released. Things were much different back then. The nids did not have a codex ... YET. My brother had gotten me into the hobby and had given me some marine models. So it was "hmmmm, which chapter do I play?" Yes, I know what you're thinking... The bugman? Played marines? But yes, it's true.

Well after some thought I looked at the Space Wolves. Once I checked out their codex... IT WAS ON! Over the next year or so I amassed quite a large army. I think it was about 3,000 points which in second edition points was about 5,000 points or so nowadays! Eventually I moved over to nids and started that army and have been a nid player off and on since. But I never lost my love for my first army. So now with the new codex coming out, I'll be doing a Space Wolf army once again!

I have direct ordered a rune priest already which should be in anytime. I have decided to take my time with this army and put in the work to make a beautifully painted and converted army. I won't be rushing to get them painted and on the table. I'll be posting my progress as I go so check back in here and there.


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