Thursday, September 24, 2009

Battles Rage On Korfeon!!

Ok so the campaign is definitely underway! Lots of gaming goin on today. Thanx to all who played at our local GW store today! It was definitely cool to see all the gaming goin on! So above is the campaign map as it currently stands. If you look at previous posts you'll see more tiles taken today... definitely a great thing to see!

Matt's Valhallan's Win The Game!Matt's Valhallans took on Dom's Necrons in a battle and the Imperium left the battlefield Victorious! Matt and his regiment took the Shield Generator adjacent to his tiles, then fought Scott's Sisters for control of yet another unowned adjacent tile with a shield generator and took that as well! Matt and his Valhallans will be one highly defended army. This puts the Valhallan battleforce at the top of the heap with 4 tiles! Glory be to the Emperor!

Battle Of The Ancients... Necrons VS EldarDom's Necrons rose once more in a battle of Ancients battling it out for a power station in the desert with Mike's Eldar. All these two armies were worried about was killing as many of its enemies as possible! In the end the older of the two races won out and Dom's Necrons took the Power Station!

Astartes Flesh Tearers VS Hive Fleet Juggernaut!The final battle of the day was was between Tim's Flesh Tearers (the only Imperial Marines in the campaign) and my Nids! Once again, Hive Fleet Juggernaut was just set on consuming all it surveyed! After devouring quite a bit it turns out the Emperor's favor assisted in a victory for the Imperium's finest! The Flesh Tearers were able to beat out the great devourer in the battle for a manufactorum in the east!

So current campaign rankings are:
Matt (Valhallans) - 4 tiles (Manufactorum, Power Station, 2 Shield Generators... all adjacent!)


Bill (Orks) - 3 Tiles (Shield Generator, Power Station, Spaceport)
Dom (Necrons) - 3 Tiles (Manufactorum, Power Station, Spaceport)
Tim (Flesh Tearers) - 3 Tiles (Command Bastion, Manufactorum, Power Station)

Everyone else still owns just 2 tiles.

Bill and his greenkins are SUPPOSED to play Tony and his Eldar Friday. We'll see what happens!

Til next time,

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