Sunday, September 20, 2009

Battle For Korfeon Underway

Battle For Korfeon Campaign Map - Week 1
So I finally got all the overview/backstory ironed out as well as some rules modifications for the Planetary Empires set for 40k. The pic to the left there is our final campaign map for week 1!

As I said in my post yesterday, I modified things a little and each of the guys were allowed to choose 2 tiles on the map. Once they were chosen I added "unowned " or "buffer" tiles to the map as you can see. If you compare the 2 (yesterday to today), today's map is a little bigger. So then I basically rolled the map pieces onto the map like dice and where they landed is where they were set. If more than one piece landed on a tile then a piece was placed on an adjacent tile. Best way to randomize the map pieces. Thanks for the idea James!

I was supposed to play Bill and Mike today in games at our local GW store but woke up feelin pretty bad. So I had to cancel today's gaming and trying to make the best of things I finished painting the map tiles, map pieces and wrote up the backstory and rules for the campaign.

Each Sunday the new map will be posted as will an update to the story. Check back and follow our progress! The intro/backstory is below:


++++Transmitted: Conclave of Har
+++++++Received: Astropath Nimzikki
Telepathic Duct: Terminus Kaleb
++++++++++++Ref: OrdoXenos/454228290/Hv
+++++++++Author: Autosavant Tremonte

By the Authority of the Imortal Emperor of Mankind, this mission briefing (and any transcript thereof), are classified information.

Priority Grade: Omega-Absolutum

Re: Korfeon

A new planet, rich in resources, has been discovered. Korfeon, thought to be a dead moon in the Targus sector, has somehow started regenerating and is rich in resources and ideal for colonization by the Imperium. Initial intelligence reports the planet unoccupied but as of late there have been reports of the cursed greenskins as well as a splinter fleet of hive fleet Juggernaut. The tainted marines of Chaos have also been spotted lurking in the sector so it’s safe to say they will be trying to conquer this planet in the name of their foul gods. The Eldar have no doubt discovered this planet as well, considering there have been reports of ancient web ways spotted on this planet and an ancient structure bearing resemblance to what our xenoarcheologists believe is Necron design has been discovered by our latest pass with our SG-1 probe.

This briefing has been dispatched to a few Imperial organizations in hopes that Korfeon is quelled and ready for inhabitation by the mighty Imperium. The Imperial guard armies of both the Valhallan 24th and the Cadian 65th regiments have been summoned to duty. Communications have been forwarded to the Legio Astartes Flesh Tearers’ battle barge Death’s Head, with a request for assistance in this matter. The Sisters Sororitas in the Beta Phi quadrant have been contacted as well. It is imperative that the Imperium takes this planet as you are well aware of our overpopulation dilemma.

Operations are to begin no later than 06:00 hours 0920850.M41.

Upon arrival at the target coordinates you have received you should establish your base of operations and commence survey and extermination of any resistance.

These orders are effective immediately.
The Emperor’s Will guides you.

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