Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Am The Bugman Wooooo

Couldn't resist that Beatles spin off... my fave tune by them. Anyway I decided to go through my whole nid army being curious as to just how many points I own total... now how much of it is completely painted is another thing entirely lol. It's all assembled and primed but most are not completely finished as far as painting goes.

I have been a nid fan since they came out in second edition back in 95! ...still have the old 2nd edition codex actually. Have had a couple armies over the years and sold or traded them off. So I started collecting "The Great Devourer" again a couple years ago back in 07. Played a couple games and then got the idea of collecting a 10k army of tyranids! Then wouldn't you know it, up popped Apocalypse! So started goin bug crazy!! After awhile I had amassed quite a bit of models. Started assembling and then primed them all up. Now to just get it all painted!

I have been playing some games here and there after a hiatus from playing while i assembled minis. Lately I have been getting in more games and all i have to say is "THANK GOD FOR FORUMS!!" The Tyranid Hive has been an invaluable resource for honing army lists and tactics as well.

Artillery CreatureSo back to my models... I have some cool conversions here and there, including an artillery creature for Apocalypse games. Was calling it an exocrine but then realized the exocrine is more of a direct fire creature instead of an artillery creature. So any ideas? Let me know. I won a datafax contest with him at my local GW store! And you can't mention converting minis without mentioning Dave Taylor! Definitely check out his blog. He's AMAZING!

I decided to call my collection Hive Fleet Juggernaut. Given the overall size I think the name fits. So in no short order here it is:

2 Brood Lords
3 Tyrants (1 with wings converted from a fex... he's a big boy!)
4 Tyrant Guard
1 Malenthrope
13 Warriors (8 shooty, 5 assault)
4 Lictors
8 Carnifexes (Various configs)
64 Hormagaunts
20 Spinegaunts
23 Devgaunts
20 Termagants
80 Genestealers
24 Ripper Swarms
10 Raveners
7 Winged Warriors
20 Gargoyles
3 Meiotic Spores
5 Zoanthropes
1 Biovore
1 Barbed Heirodule
1 Artillery Fex
1 Heirophant
1 Trygon

Including Apoc formations the grand total comes to:

11,097 POINTS

That's 328 models!

... Now if I can just find a way to get them all painted completely... that will take some time hehee

Upcoming ideas: Flak Fex (2 twin-linked venom cannons with anti-aircraft rules) will definitely post when that gets done and will post pics as more of the army is painted up. Look for some battle reports with the upcoming campaign and the battles for the challenge board at my local GW store!

til next time

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