Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Battles For Korfeon

So the first full week of the Battle For Korfeon Campaign is over. Everyone has been getting in games which is TOTALLY AWESOME!!

Eldar VS Imperial GuardThe last battle of the week was played last night at my place between Tony's Eldar warhost and Dustin's Cadian regiment! They broke in my new desert board, being the first battle on it since I built it! It was a great battle as they rolled Dawn Of War for deployment and Capture And Control for the mission - each trying to control objectives. The Eldar walked into the desert canyon searching for their Imperial foes. The Cadians rolled in with some heavy armor from reserve on turn 1 and the battle begun. Both armies took casualties and it came down to the last turn.

The Eldar attempted to destroy the Cadian squads holding the objective by tank shocking them. One unit fled off the table but the other stood their ground and one model, armed with a meltagun, made a death or glory move and took out the Eldar falcon; crashing it to the ground. The brave guardians turbo-boosted their jetbikes across the desert canyon to contest the objective but the mighty Imperial Guard Chimera fired its heavy flamer and fried the squad then more artillery fire found its way to its target and took out the guardians manning the support weapon. The Eldar were dug in and were not ready to concede as they still held their objective and the game went a full seven turns ending in a tactical draw! No one could roll for conquest as there was no victor in the battle.

Official Imperial Communique for the week coming tomorrow!


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