Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Scenery

Have been busy with building a new desert board along with scenery. Tony's tomb kings will have a board to call home. Built some mesas and hills as well as a half buried obelisk (needs to be painted still). The latest thing I'm working on is a river to run through it all. Will post pics as I get more completed. The mesas took the longest with all the cutting gluing and painting. The board was a piece of cake!

My previous board I built was a 6x4 lava board built on 3 2'x4' pieces of MDF. Turned out nicely I think. After 16 hours of working on it between cutting out and gluing down the foam with liquid nails, then taking a sculpting tool and jabbing out the edges to get the texture on the rock right (8 hours later), next added the spackle for the lava texture and glued sand on the top of the foam. Painted it up and viola a great new board to play on!

Will be posting more soon!



  1. Hey Steevo,
    That looks really good! If I work on that board again, I am sure I will imitate your technique.

  2. @Black Matt - thanx! It took awhile to get it all painted up but wasn't that difficult. I stippled spackle onto the lava areas then painted it black then the way i told you. Just be patient. Print a pic of mine out to give you a reference if it helps!


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