Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Game 1 In Korfeon Campaign

Well I decided to take the lava board I made to my local store for everyone to play on and who is there painting his greenskins? Bill. So We decided to get in that game we missed Saturday. 2,000 points. This turned out to be the first game in the new campaign. We decided to battle it out on the lava board and test out the rules and fight for the unowned spaceport tile! If you look at the post for the campaign from a few days ago you can see the entire campaign map.

So I got my minis unpacked and so did Bill. Rolled for the mission and wouldn't you know it... Annihilation! Kill Points just what i wanted... not, and we rolled standard 12" deployment. So Bill rolled to go first and set all his models up. In the meantime I told him the rules for the lava board. Any models trying to cross the lava must first roll for difficult terrain movement. Then each model that crosses the lava on foot must make a dangerous terrain check. Basically if you roll a 1 you take a wound with no armor save allowed! Then any models ending their turn in the lava take a melta hit! Now don't I wish I had skimmers or jump infantry! They would cross this with no problem! So anyway, he deployed his army and I deployed mine and guess what... I seized the initiative from him for the third time in a row! So I got to go first!

This board REALLY slowed down my movement. I had one fex take a wound from the dangerous terrain and only had one place close to my gaunts and stealers to cross without having to risk the lava! After our last game I didn't leave as many models on the side of the board his battlewaggon equipped with the deff rolla! No tanks shock for me thank you. As usual, my template weapons did some damage as my gunfex destroyed his truck that was full of nobs! They took their armor saves and one bit it. I was off to a good start but missed or was out of range with other weapons this round.

Bill's nastiest thing his first turn was to totally obliterate my warrior brood with his Lootas! Damned AP4 shots. I should have done the smart thing and left them in the crater ... will remember that next time.

Next turn rolled for my outflankers. My scuttling stealers came on and saw the mob of boyz as ripe pickins! I moved into range for some firing into his boyz with my dakafex to help whittle down the numbers and moved the rest of the army forward to get into range as well. Fired some shots and took out more greenskins but still moving SLLLLOOOWWWLY across the board. Not likin this at all! Thank God for outflank! Also immobilised his other battlewagon with the kill cannon! So my stealers charged in! Fair ammount of hits but wouldn't ya know it... NO rending :( His boys fought back and I won the combat believe it or not! So Bill had to roll a couple armor saves.

Bill's turn and more shooting and of course, wouldn't you know it... TANK SHOCK! That damned deff rolla into my 2 tyrant guard! He rolled a 6 which meant my guard took 6 STRENGTH 10 HITS! Wiping them out. I hate that thing! Bill was racking up the kill points and I hadn't even gotten one yet:( All those boyz he had made it much harder to take out the whole unit!

Next turn, the brood lord and his boys didn't feel like comin in just yet so I did some more shooting and got lucky... Immobilised the other Battlewagon!! NO MORE TANK SHOCK!! Thank God!! I also managed to take out some more greenskins but victory was nowhere in sight lol. The stealers went round 2 with the whole mob and took out a few more boyz but bit it in the end.

Bill's turn... of course MORE ORK SHOOTING! he disembarked his ard boys with Mad Doc Grotznik from the battlewagon, fired at my fex then charged in! While my strength is nice and high and so is my toughness, the massive attacks from the ard boyz took out the boomfex in no time and I didn't get a chance to fight back.

Tyranids' turn and the Brood Lord and his stealers finally come in, seeing the Mob o' boyz casserole standing there they charged in and slicd and diced. FINALLY, A Kill point! YAY!!!

My gun fex took out a def dread giving me a second kill point. But it was looking pretty grim as Bill was up to six. His next turn he took out my dakatyrant in close combat scoring another.

Finally I decided on my next turn to fire at the def dread that was left with my gunfex which didn't do much good. I charged in but due to initiative went last. He did a few nasty blows and my gunfex took four wounds! Luckily I gave him reinforced chitin so he had one left to still do combat with. But of course, as usual with Bill, my dice started not likin me and i scored no blows on him.

Bill took his turn and shot at my gaunts leaving one on the board from each brood and toasting a stealer brood. His dread took out my fex and that was the end of the turn. I looked at the board and decided to concede. I would have had to take no more losses and kill EVERYTHING he had left on the board to win. And that just wasn't happenin.

Once again, Bill won the game. I will find a way to beat him one of these days. He made his conquest roll successfully and now has 3 tiles with one spaceport in the campaign!

Tomorrow I'm playing Tim and his Flesh Tearers. More pics and Battle Report to come!

Til then,

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