Friday, September 25, 2009

Heirophant aka "The Big Nasty"

Well the plan for the day was to work on my Heirophant. Yup, that's right the big nasty himself. Though mine has been converted a little just to change the pose so he doesn't look like everyone else's. I added some green stuff to extend the neck and add another armor plate and made the head turned to the right and down as if eyeing up a juicy target then also added movement to the front legs as well. I filled in the gaps between the body and the legs with more GS molding more muscle tissue in between. Turned out pretty well. Will post more pics in the near future.

As everyone that has bought this model knows, the scything talons (feet) on this guy are too flexible and break. So what I decided to do thanks to advice from my old buddy from the UK, Matt, I made a piece of ruined building and pinned the heirophant's chest to it, thus relieving the stress on the feet! The only problem with this was that I really couldn't add the lash whips shooting from his chest, but a small price to pay!

I cut a small base out of hardboard and glued down some sand and glued the phant's rear feet to the base. I'll be posting better pics as I get more painted on it. Currently all the basecoating has been done and a badab black wash has been applied. More pics to come!

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