Monday, September 28, 2009

Incoming: Tyranids!!

New Tyranid Codex Cover"From the great blackness beyond the edge of our galaxy they come, an alien swarm driven by a ravenous hunger that knows no end. These creatures have many names, for all races have come to loathe and fear them. They are the Great Devourer, the Doom of All Things, the Penance of the Elder Gods, the Shadow in the Warp. They are the Tyranids, and they have come to consume us all."
- GW What's New Blog

OK, So by now everyone knows that the new nids codex and models will be released in January. GW posted in their What's New blog today about it. I can't wait!

According to GW, the codex is 96 pages long! And of course no new relese would be complete without new models! I can't wait to see what the studio has come up with this time around! GW says they will have new Tyranid beasts never seen before - three new plastic kits and three new metal models released alongside the Codex!! So I say bring on the Great Devourer... January can't get here fast enough!

Now will just have to figure out a way to work new nids and Space Wolves all into my schedule lol!

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