Saturday, September 26, 2009

And The Battle For Korfeon Rages On

Campaign Map 09-25-09More battles on Korfeon Yesterday! It all started early morning at our local GW store. Tony's Eldar battled it out with Bill's Orks. This first time confrontation ended with many casualties from each faction but the result was a Greenskin victory as the Eldar lost sight of their mission and did not secure the objectives required. Surely a lesson learned for their farseer... or maybe he should be called a "Nearseer"? lol Though the greenskins won the battle they did not conquer the battlefield as Bill rolled poorly for the tile.

Tyranids Vs NecronsLater in the day Hive Fleet Juggernaut came to devour yet another area of the planet but found resistance in a Necron battleforce! This battle was a full out shoot em up game, as we rolled annihilation for the mission. We played for full on kill points! If it wasn't for his 3 monoliths teleporting fallen warriors back through the portal I could have won. But at the end of the game the ancients won over the great devourer and seized yet another area on the map!

Khorne Vs NurgleShortly after the Tyranid/Necron battle began, two forces of Chaos, one a Nurgle army and the other fighting for the Blood God of Khorne met up on a battlefield to each claim the area for their foul god. The Nurgle Marines with their resilient troops won the battle for the Manufactorum in the south giving Joden three of the four lava tiles and raising him up to the next rank in the campaign! Papa Nurgle was favoring him as Rich and his Berserkers will surely have pennance to make with the Blood Good as to their loss!

Full Imperial communique and campaign standings to come tomorrow! Still no news of the Cadians (Dustin) or the other
Ork Warboss (Strom) as to their progress.

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