Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Making River Pieces For My Desert Gaming Board Part 2

OK, so here we are in part 2 of 3 of my tutorial on how to make river pieces. In part 1, we cut our hardboard pieces, made a sand paste and created the riverbanks of the pieces. Now we'll paint it all and glue our pieces of scrub brush to make reeds.

Step 1 Painting - Latex Earth Tone drybrushed with Bleached Bone
Ok, first up is to get out the latex paint (Ace Sensations Earth Tone), all the banks and outer sand areas get painted with this color then a heavy drybrush of Bleached Bone. This will give us our sand color and a nice highlight.

Step 2  - Painting the River dark blue then Ultramarines blue
Next up we paint the water area with the dark blue (I used an old Citadel color called Deadly Nightshade) then along the banks we'll paint Ultramarines blue. This will give the appearance of a shallower area. We'll also do a taper from any spots of sand in the middle as you see here. This is where the labeling underneath comes in. Not only does it keep the order corect so the banks line up but when you paint the shallow areas you know which way to taper the lighter color because of the directional arrow underneath.

Step 3 And 4 - Stipple Knarlock Green and hot glue scrub brush pieces
Now onto the finishing touches. First off get out the Knarlock Green and stipple it along the banks to simulate algae and other underwater plants that grow in the shallow areas. Once this is done get out the scrub brush, a pair of scissors, and plug in the hot glue gun. Hot glue is the quickest east way to do this as it not only glues the bristles to the base but also glues them together so they don't fall over. So grab a small bunch from the brush and snip with your scissors. Then take the hot glue gun and apply glue to the bottom and then around the sides at the bottom so you are making a glued together bunch of bristles. Now, before the glue starts to cool, place the bunch of bristles in the spot you wish and hold it in place for about 1-20 seconds. As you see in the pic you want to apply around the banks and any shallow fordable areas. This looks more natural.

Once you have all the painting done and the bristles glued down it is time for the resin! That will take us to part 3 of this tutorial. Check back soon for the resin application and we'll finish the river!

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