Friday, September 18, 2009

New 40K Campaign

My friends and I are starting a new 40K campaign that we'll be playing mostly at our local GW store but some will be played in my basement on my 6 gaming tables. Tomorrow kicks off the campaign and it looks like it should be a blast.

Campaign MapWe'll be using the new Planetary Empires Set for the hex tiles for territories on the planet, Korfeon. I made a few army specific tiles and spent the evening painting up our map we'll be picking tiles from over on the left there. The areas on the tiles represent pretty much all six of my gaming boards so there will be plenty of different environments to fight in. Once everyone picks 2 tiles I'll be adding in "buffer tiles" to fight over that will contain the special resource pieces such as manufactorums, bastions, shield generators, and power stations. These each give bonuses in games.

We're lucky enough to have a wide range of armies...
  • I'll be playing My Hive Fleet Juggernaut (Nids)
  • Tony - Eldar
  • Scott - Sisters Of Battle
  • Joden - Death Guard Of Nurgle
  • Dom - Necrons
  • Tim - Flesh Tearers (Marines)
  • Matt - Imperial Guard
  • Dustin - Imperial Guard
  • Rich - Khorne Marines
  • Mike - Eldar
  • Strom - Orks
  • Bill - Orks
So as you can see we have a wide variety in our group. A few space marine chapters, Imperial Guard, Chaos, and few Xenos armies as well. This should be a great campaign! I'll definitely be posting updates on here. That rematch with Bill and his mob o' boyz will be the first battle of the campaign tomorrow morning then in the evening Mike will be binging his Eldar to take on the Great Devourer. Both games will be played on my lava board (see New Scenery post below) so it's gonna be some hot fun hehee!

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  1. Only problem being you got sick and did not play me today. I you're scared; say you're scared! LOL


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