Monday, September 21, 2009

The Forces Of Sigmar Are Assembling

That's right. I've started assembling my Empire army for Warhammer Fantasy! I've had the models for some time now and finally decided to start assembling them. I picked up the limited edition army box last year that contained 12 knights, 2 boxes of outriders, 2 boxes of handgunners, 2 boxes of state troops, a general, a great cannon, and a limited edition bright wizard, not to mention the army book. To this I added a hellblaster volleygun, a couple of characters, more state troops, and a free company regiment.

I was lucky enough that my brother owed me some cash and hasn't been playing fantasy so he evened up with me by giving me some models from his previous edition empire army. So picked up a Luthor Huss model, a 30-man block of spearmen, a 24-man block of flagellants, a mortar, a warrior priest, an engineer with a Hochland long rifle, and the Volkmar model on the war altar. Thanks Budrow!

So have started assembling my models. This is quite a daunting task as all of you that play Fantasy know there are WAY more models in an army compared to 40k! I have been moving along though. Now if only Tony would do the same with his Tomb Kings lol. I'm sure once I get the army all assembled Bill will be happy to dust off his Orcs & Goblins army to play a few games.

I'll post more on this once I get more done with the army.


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