Friday, September 18, 2009

Takin On The Waaaagh!!!

DeploymentWell I got together with my old buddy, Bill, today at my local GW store here in MD for a 2k game... my nids vs his orks! Bill and I have been playing 40k since the good ol days of 2nd edition back in 95. Haven't quite been able to beat him in the past 10 yrs or so. So figured I was due...

As you can see in the pic above, he brought out a couple of battlewagons (1 with a deathroller and a 'ardboyz mob and Mad Doc Grotznik), a trukk full of nobs and his warboss, a couple def dreads, a big ol 30 man mob of boyz , some lootas, and some grots. I was actually VERY surprised he didn't bring along a shokk attack gun, as it is one of his favs.

From Hive Fleet Juggernaut I ran a dakatyrant (2 twin-linked devourers) with guard, a brood lord with retinue, 4 warriors with str 6 deathspitters, a dakafex (2 twin-linked devourers), a boomfex (barbed strangler and scything talons), 8 spinegaunts with Without number, 8 Termagants with Without Number, 2 broods of 8 stealers with feeder tendrils and extended carapace to shrug off those nasty AP5 shots, 8 stealers with extended carapace, flesh hooks, and scuttlers so I could outflank the greenskins, 2 gunfexes (vanom cannon & barbed strangler), and 2 zoanthropes with warp blast and synapse to help keep us all fearless... overlapping synapse is the way to go! All this for the low low price of 1997 pts... coming in 3 points under!

He deployed first but i seized the initiative and Hive Fleet Juggernaut was off and running! My templates the first 2 turns were rollin hits all over the place or not scattering far. His grots were getting whittled down quickly and then the shots on his boyz. A pretty good first turn for the Great Juggernaut. Then came his shooting and he started takin out a few things but would definitely say the 1st turn went to me... as usual with our games. Then as the game progressed my dice started not to like me so much lol.

Overall I did some damage but had some bad rolls and was just out of range with my scuttling stealers thanx to some friendly fire :(

The brood lord and his retinue finally came in and managed to put some wounds on mad doc and his stealer retinue kicked some a$$ as well but lost in the end... damned FNP. The worst thing for me was when his battlewagon with the deathroller tank shocked me and i wound up losin a gunfex :( and my one thrope tried to fire the focused warp blast and rolled a 1! Of course that's always how it goes isn't it?

End Of GameEnd of the game we had both lost lots of models but he managed to run his 'ard boyz in to control his objective and contested the one my spinegaunts were holding with that same damned battlewagon with the deathroller... that's right another tank shock into some other gaunts to get it in there by the end of the turn. so he just beat me.

It was a great game and as usual we had a blast! But once again Bill won the game. We're doin a rematch Saturday to kick off our new campaign. We'll be playing with the same lists from today so we'll see what happens. I'd say I'm due for a win!!

Til next time

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